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We have developed or collaborated in the development of a number of Open Source software solutions and we have a number of packages ready for deployment for Health Services, school management, document management, and enterprise resource planning. We heavily use Open source software to develop most of our services, and we guarantee 100% ownership of the source for our clients.

Since 2005 , we have been strong advocates of Linux use on desktops, that is why we will support your Linux installations and software deployments. Contact us for more information on Ubuntu, SuSE, Redhat, Mandarake, Slackware, Gentoo, Debian and any other Linux distribution.

Some of our recent works include:

Enterprise Messaging Solution Technology Used: SuSE Linux, OpenExchange, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Share point Server
Asycuda Database Maintenance Technology Used: Oracle 11g, SuSE Linux, Oracle Dataguard Standby Database