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Imperva is a pioneer and leader of a new category of business security solutions for critical applications and high-value data in the data center. Pioneering the third pillar of enterprise security, Imperva fills the gaps in endpoint and network security by directly protecting high-value applications and data assets in physical and virtual data centers. Also, with an integrated security platform built specifically for modern threats, Imperva data center security provides the visibility and control needed to neutralize attack, theft, and fraud from inside and outside the organization, mitigate risk, and streamline compliance.  Through our partnership with Imperva, here are some of the products we offer;

1. Web Application Firewall

  • SecureSphere Web Application Firewall
  • Web Application Firewall Add-Ons (ThreatRadar Reputation Services, ThreatRadar Fraud Prevention, DDoS Protection Service, Incapsula and DDoS Protection)

2. File Security

  • File Activity Monitor
  • File Firewall
  • SecureSphere for SharePoint
  • User Rights Management for Files
  • Directory Services Monitor

3. Database Security

  • Database Activity Monitor
  • Database Firewall
  • Database Assessment
  • Big Data Security
  • Database Security Add-Ons (User Rights Management for DatabasesADC Insights)

4. SecureSphere for SharePoint

5. Cloud Security

  • SecureSphere for AWS
  • Skyfence
  • Incapsula