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Red Hat has become associated to a large extent with its enterprise operating system Red Hat Enterprise Linux and with the acquisition of open-source enterprise middleware vendor JBoss. Red Hat also offers Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV), an enterprise virtualization product. Red Hat provides storage, operating system platforms, middleware, applications, management products, and support, training, and consulting services.

Red Hat creates, maintains, and contributes to many free software projects. It has acquired several proprietary software product codebases through corporate mergers and acquisitions and has released such software under open source licenses. As of June 2013, Red Hat is the largest corporate contributor to Linux.

Below are some of Red Hat’s products and services, available to you through our partnership;

 Linux platforms: Start with a stable, flexible foundation that adapts as your business changes.

 JBoss Middleware: Rapidly build connected systems that bring people, processes, and information together.

 Virtualization: Streamline workflows and deliver applications faster.

Cloud computing: Close the gap between what businesses need and what IT can deliver.

Storage: Modernize your data center with open, software-defined storage.

Mobile: Accelerate mobile app projects for your enterprise.

Services and support: Get the support, training, and insights you and your staff need to get the most out of your technology.